Courtesy of Wright's Natural Market

LARENIM Mineral Makeup

Wright‘s Nutrients

Larenim makeup is actually more beautiful than traditional makeup! Its composition on a microscopic level is flat crystals. Micronized minerals are light refractive. This makeup also takes on a "glow" after heating up on your skin, which creates a gorgeous, healthy appearance.

Larenim mineral makeup is extremely versatile and easy to apply. Foundation, blush, bronzer, concealer, mineral silk (finishers), eye colour, and even a "Goth" collection are all available.

Larenim is made from 100% micronized minerals. Larenim is not drying, irritating or toxic to your skin. No talc, dyes, oils, or chemicals are used which cause enlarging of pores. Talc, which is similar to asbestos, can permanently stretch the pore wall and leach moisture from the skin, yet is used in most commercial makeup including those for oily skin.

The micronized minerals used in Larenim help to seal moisture in the skin while diffusing oil, and are naturally soothing and can be healing for inflamed skin. These minerals will not harbor bacteria, so they do not proliferate in our containers or on your skin.  (Click here for Questions & Answers about Larenim Mineral Makeup... share it with a friend!)